Additional Services

In addition to traditional mental health therapy, Denisha believes in educating the community through a variety of ways on mental health, its impact, warning signs, and how to adjust to a life with mental health issues. 

Empowering Women

Denisha enjoys uplifting people of all ages on a variety of topics. This event took place in front of approximately 100 women. The theme was "Making a Difference in the World".

Serving My Community 

Denisha believes in supporting her community. This is a local event where the focus was on educating the community on how to access local services 

Empowering Teenagers

Denisha is enthusiastic about helping younger generations stay focused and work towards their goals. This event took place at a local high school, where the focus was on discussing entrepreneurship with local teens. 

Helping Parents through School Partnerships

Parenting is hard and Denisha believes that parents need support in raising kids of all ages. This event took place at a local middle school. The focus was based on a curriculum Denisha developed helping parents understand their child’s emotions and improve communication.